Information about our Fees

Initial Consultation

We offer an initial two types of Consultation. A face-to-face consultation with an experienced Solicitor or an Electronic Video Consultation. We accept the use of WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook video calls as part of our initial consultation process.

The following fees are charged as shown below:
Face to Face : £100
Video Consultation: £60

We do not engage in initial Audio consultations as we prefer to see our prospective clients virtually or in person.

Deduction of Initial Consultation fee upon full instruction
Please be informed that our consultation fees are refundable if we receive a full instruction. This means that the amount paid for an initial consultation is deducted from your legal fees. This means you will pay your legal fees less the amount you paid for the initial consultation upon your instruction to us to represent you.
Kindly take note that this applies to only those who subsequently instruct us. One-off consultation fees are not deductible or refundable please.

Hourly Rates: Please not that we do not charge hourly rates.

We do charge Fixed Fees.
We also do not provide Legal Aid Services which means the client pays for the work we are instructed to do for you. Our firm is a private Law firm.

Payment of Fees by Instalment
In order to assist our client, we have a fee arrangement whereby a client can pay such agreed fixed fees by instalments. agrees to pay some or all of the legal fees within a stipulated time period. This will be made open to the client to decide and make a reasonable payment by instalments.

We charge a fixed fee after a detailed consultation session with you. We will assess your matter and will ensure that adequate and appropriate time is allocated to your matter to the best of our ability.
Our fixed charges depends on the type of your case and the complexity of it. Please take note that some application are straight forward while some are very complex. The legal fees also depends on the number of applications being made at the same time.

We undertake all visa applications within and outside the UK. We also conduct all immigration appeals and administrative reviews and Judicial Reviews within the UK.
Thus, it depends on the type of matter and the circumstances of your case. Considerations are made in relation to :
The amount of supporting evidence that we need to consider
Whether you are applying with other dependants, or have witnesses, etc.
Or require extra support to enable us fully deal with your matter
If you are able to provide sufficient evidence at our first meeting and clearly meet the applicable Immigration Rules, the cost is likely to be at the lower end of this range.


Our fees do not attract Value Added Tax( VAT). This means you will not be charged VAT alongside our own legal fees. However, Some ancillary services categorized as disbursements may incur VAT charges.

If the providers of certain ancillary services such as interpretations/translations, investigations or inspections charge, Counsel’s fees, Court fees, medical expert fees (e.g. DNA tests or medical reports ) etc. charge VAT, you will be notified from the onset of your instruction and when such payments will need to be made you as part of your disbursements.
We will confirm whether VAT (at a rate of 20%) is payable on applicable disbursements when you instruct us.

The majority of our case are agreed on a fixed fee basis. Usually, a fee estimate would be agreed. The estimate will be arrived at, based on the facts of the instructions given by the client.
All fees exclude VAT as we do not charge VAT.
All In-country Home Office Applications from £1,200
All UK entry clearance Overseas Visas application from £1200
All European Union Settlement application within the UK ranges from £750
Further Representation in Asylum cases from £500
Appeals to the Appellate Authority from £1,200
All representations for the revocation of previous Order from £1300
Specialist Visa Types from £2,500
Judicial Review from £1,500 and up to £2,500 depending on the complexity of the case.
Please note that express work may attract higher fees and may add up to £300 to £500 extra to your agreed fees.


The work we will do for you will involve some or all of these stated below:
Discussing your circumstances in detail and confirming whether this is the most appropriate application for you to make and what other options may be available to you at the onset
Consider merit of your case at all times and at every stage.
Giving you advice about the requirements of the Immigration Rules and whether you meet the criteria. If you do not fulfil certain criteria, advice can be given whether this can be overcome or other available alternative routes.

Consideration of the supporting evidence you have provided.
Where necessary, help you to obtain further evidence (such as medical records and bank statements), including taking statements of any witnesses

Preparation and completion of your application and submission on your behalf
Making contact with third parties who might be able to provide you with the necessary documents you may require
Attendance at a Home Office interview if you are a minor. We shall fully advise you on the interview procedure also if you are an adult and give you clear advice about your case.
Giving you advice about the possible outcomes of the application and any further steps you need to take.
We shall also give you detailed information about Home office application fees, court fees and Immigration health Surcharge fees.

Consider your finances and provide advice about possible Fee Waivers Applications if you are unable to pay the Home office or Immigration Surcharge Fees. We shall access your income and advise you accordingly.

Assist to book biometric appointments for you.

Where the Home Office refuse your application, advice and assistance in relation to any appeal
Provision of post grant of visa advice.

Other services not included in our fee estimate:
Attending Home Office interview with an adult.
Accompanying you and the Barrister or Counsel to your hearing at a Court or Tribunal.


A list of the applicable immigration fees is available on the UK Visas and Immigration website:

Situations may arise where interpreters are required. The rates charged by Interpreters depends of the specific language, service and time scale.
Most interpreters charge between £20 to £30 per hour for face-to-face interpretation.
Telephone, WhatsApp or Zoom Interpretations range between £5 to £10 per hour.
You may wish to attend with your own interpreter if you can.

Charges for translations also depends on the Translators. There are individual and Agency Translators. Their charges are solely determined by them. However, we strive to always ensure that you get the best service at a reasonable price so we will always keep you informed about prices.



(Non contentious Divorce matters Only)

Your matter may be worked on by a Solicitor, a Caseworker who is supervised by a Solicitor.

As stated above, we only undertake Non-contentious Divorce matter. This means that we do not represent clients at the Family Court but can assist with preparation of all requisite documents for your attendance where necessary.

We assist clients with divorce petitions that are unchallenged.
The fees set out below . However, estimated fees are subject to changes depending on complexity of the matter. You will be fully informed at the onset of instruction. These fees are exclusive of the applicable court fees for each specific application.

Non-Contentious Divorce from £750
Child Arrangement Orders from £800
Child Contact Applications from £750
Injunctions from £650
Occupation Orders from £750


Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney in the UK:
Lasting Power of Attorney – from £250
General Power of Attorney – from £200
Change of name Deed: from £60
Statutory Declarations from £20

Legalisation Only – Standard service by post from £30 ( up to 7-14 days time scale ) plus preparation fee from £120

Premium (Same day) service: £75 per document for express plus £120 for travel and waiting time.
Notarization of Apostilled documents at the Chinese Embassy: £47 per document plus £100 travel and waiting times.


Certification of copies of original documents from £5 per page
Witnessing of documents before a Commissioner of Oaths: Price depends on the content of the documents 

The time scale for an outcome depends on the type of application and the Home office policy in relation the that specific application.
There are three types of applications:
Standard applications- Normal Home office application fees- No extra charges
Premium Applications -Home office application fees + £500 extra charge for a shorter time scale
Super Premium Home office application fees + £800 extra for a very short time scale also.

Full details about the time slots can be found at :
Some applications have a response time of 8 weeks and others may stay longer. If the matter is complex, it is likely to have a longer waiting period. However the statutory waiting time can be found on the UK Visas and Immigration Department.

Information about waiting times inside the UK can be found at: 

Information about waiting times outside the UK can also be found at: 

Where an application is made without an initial leave to remain, the waiting time could be longer.
Processing times may be subject to the circumstance prevailing at the time of your application. During this pandemic, there have been noticeable delays. These delays are beyond our control but we shall make every effort to keep you updating while your application is pending at the Home office.