Advocacy and Legal Representation before Tribunals and Courts in England and Wales

All applications for all Tiers 1,2 & 5 under the Points Based System 

Working Holiday visa applications 

Tier 4 Student visa application and extensions. 

All Entry clearance applications: Visit, Settlement, Family Re-union etc.

All Marriage applications (Civil partnership, Unmarried partners, Proxy Marriages) 

European Union/European Economic Area applications within and outside the UK, 

Leave /Settlement/  Domestic Violence applications 

Leave to enter/remain on Medical grounds, in and out of country. 

All extensions/variations of leave to remain in the UK including EEA/EU applications

Naturalization/Registration applications 

10years Long residence applications- 

Applications outside Home office rules/Discretionary applications 


Human Rights applications 

Fresh claims following fresh evidence 

Further Representations following a Refusal

All Immigration appeals at First Tier and Upper Tribunals all over the UK & Wales

Judicial Reviews


Sample information

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